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Christian virtues are used to maintain an inclusive and family-based atmosphere at LTR. Our company is a place where people can discover and grow their gifts and talents. We hope the work and the environment at LTR allow our team members to succeed, support their loved ones, and find meaning and satisfaction in life.

We are building a team of people who are:

Employee Care

LTR facilitates a group-benefits plan into which both the company and its employees contribute. Many social and sporting activities are also supported by LTR to encourage the family-based atmosphere in which we thrive.

Current Opportunities

LTR heavily invests in technology. We seek out repetitive activities and automate them so that our team members can focus on developing skills that provide them life-long careers. There is no employment ceiling at LTR. We encourage everyone to master their role to a point they can teach it to someone else and move up or over as desired.

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